Watch: Adorable video showing the first 100 days of a panda

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Do you know that pandas do not really have their distinctive black and white fur when they are born?

On Facebook, Bored Panda shared an adorable video showing the first 100 days of a panda.

“First 100 days of a panda’s growth by Zoo Atlanta,” it captioned the video.

The video showed the first day of a panda on earth; when you would barely recognize that the baby animal is actually a panda because it still don’t have its distinctive black and white fur.

On its eight day, as seen in the video, the panda starts to develop some black spots. Eventually, its black fur will start to grow.

On its 36th day, its fur starts to become thick. And becomes more adorable day by day!

Watch this video which shows the first 100 days of a panda:

First 100 days of a panda's growth by Zoo Atlanta

Posted by Bored Panda on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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