Watch! Channing Tatum dances a full ‘Magic Mike’ in a convenience store with a fan

Image capture of video by Channing Tatum via Facebook

It is the dream of many —  to meet Channing Tatum and get a chance to dance with him.

Recently, Channing Tatum got his freak on in a convenience store.

The actor, known for his role as a sexy dancer in “Magic Mike”, was in North Carolina to promote his new movie when he drops by a station of the Sunoco chain convenience store to buy an iced coffee and a bar of chocolate.

As he went to the cashier to pay, he was called behind the counter and began to laugh with the cashier.

“Hey, we should turn up the music. We’ll get it going,” he said.

To the sound of the radio, he literally went a full-on ‘Magic Mike’ steps with Beatrice, the clerk,  who was seen visibly happy to live this moment.

The actor broadcast his visit  on his Facebook page. He also took the opportunity to take a picture with a fan.

Watch their adorable dance performance below.