[Watch] Office workers in India forced to wear bike helmets because of falling ceiling

Image capture from Hindustan Times video via You Tube

If you think your workplace is the worst in the world, think again!

You would probably realize now how lucky you are compared to these employees in India who are forced to wear motorcycle helmets for safety reason while working inside their office.

A story on the Hindustan Times said the staff have to put on helmets because of the sorry condition of the building where they work that has become a safety risk for anyone – including visitors – mainly due to the falling ceiling and roof.

The men are actually government employees currently housed at the Areraj block-cum-circle office in Bihar’s East Champaran district.

The video has gone viral on social media in India last month, and netizens are not sure whether to laugh or get angry at the working condition of the employees.

Plaster on the ceiling have reportedly been peeling off constantly, putting any person below in relative danger. The building has been declared unfit for use, but the local government found it difficult to find a relocation site for the office.

“Even the block development officer (BDO)?has been forced to wear a helmet? The building construction department has already declared the structure ‘unfit’, but no effort has been made to undertake repairs,” village representative, Manoj Paswan, told the Hindustan Times.

A staff at the BDO said many employees have already sustained injuries due to the falling plaster; made even worse by the frequent raining in the area.

“The entire building also leaks, compromising the safety of office equipment, records, especially computers,” said Ranjit Singh.

But since the video went viral on social media, the state government have finally decided to relocate the office.

 “The office will be shifted to a safer place within a day. We had ordered shifting of offices immediately after the adverse report from the building division, but the process got delayed. We have already issued a show-cause notice to the concerned official, asking him to explain the reason for delay in shifting,” said a senior official.