[Watch] OFW writes, dedicates, sings a song for Raffy Tulfo — and it’s getting viral

Image by Facebook, Raffy Tulfo in Action

“Si Raffy Tulfo, ang ating sandigan, maaasahan, walang inuurungan,” says the first line of chorus.

What if there is someone whom you idolize so much, a celebrity for example? And if you’ll be given a chance to gift that person, what would it be? That someone is prominent, someone who is probably rich, who may seem to have everything money can buy. Yes, he may appreciate your gift but will he remember it for years or even a decade?

Maybe that was exactly what a Pinay abroad was thinking when she dedicated a song she wrote for no other than Mr. Raffy Tulfo.

The broadcast journalist, Tulfo, as we know him, is someone whose work focuses on government and private sector issues. He has/had programs focused on helping the poor on battling the red tapes of society, and he was also behind investigative and public service shows.

He is loved by Filipinos; well, by a majority, at least. There were times he generated haters; perhaps mostly those who were at the receiving end of his no-nonsense approach to issues at hand.

Overall, what’s important is that he’s very much appreciated by many Filipinos. Hence, this song ‘composed’ by a fan, Mariz Wolfe, is dedicated and aptly titled to the man himself. Song credit to the tune of Lobo‘s “I’d Love You to Want Me.”

The question is, was he able to hear the song? Yes! It was even shared on the official Facebook page of Raffy Tulfo in Action and appreciated by commenters. Watch it here: