Why Kim Cruz is more than just ‘Gil Cuerva’s GF’

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  • Kim Cruz is the girlfriend of My Love From The Star lead actor Gil Cuerva
  • Cruz, a beauty blogger and a MYX VJ, have started making a name for herself
  • She’s also putting up her own clothing line; has no plans to enter showbiz

Kim Cruz, a beauty blogger and a MYX VJ, is more than just the girlfriend of My Love From The Star Pinoy version leadingman Gil Cuerva.

In an article written by Angelique Sampayan of PEP, it was disclosed that Cruz has already started making a name for herself.

She is now currently one of the ambassadors of Pantene for its “Fight Hair Asthma” campaign, along with famous celebrities Gabbi Garcia and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. She is also currently putting up her own clothing line.

Despite being “kikay”, Cruz loves watching car shows and driving.

“I may be pretty girly, but all of that fades when I talk about cars. My family collects vintage cars,” she shared.

Showbiz career

Despite being a Star Magic talent, Cruz shared that she still has no plan to enter showbiz.

“I don’t have plans of being an actress or going to showbiz,” she said.

At present, she just supports Cuerva in his acting career.

“I’m super proud of him,” she said.

But she chooses “to stay away as possible from his career.”

Kasi, that’s his life na. That’s his thing, and I do my own thing. But as much as possible nga, we just stay quiet, because I’d like to keep my privacy as non-showbiz girlfriend. And I’d like to stay that way,” she expressed.

Cuerva and Cruz met through a common friend.

“We met through a friend, and when I first met her, she was only 17. I was really surprised because she was younger than my youngest brother. So you know when I first saw her I was like ‘Ooh you know you should get to know my brother,’ that’s how I approached her,” Cuerva said.

“I got kinda annoyed when I first met him because he was telling everyone I was 17, so like when I was trying to get drinks he was like ‘No’ and he was really telling the bartender, ‘She’s 17’ and I was like ‘Oh my god I just met you. Like he was really trying to annoy me the first time I met him,” Cruz shared.

You may follow beauty blogger and VJ Kim Cruz on her Instagram account, @kimcrooz.

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