Yaya is prime suspect over d***h of baby who suffered burns on face, markings that indicate he was tied

Image capture of video by ABS CBN via Youtube

Let this be a lesson to everyone — get to know well those whom you’ll entrust to look after your most valued treasure — your children.

The Cruz family were broken-hearted to find out that their one-year-old baby “John” was l******s on Wednesday, August 16.

The family told ABS-CBN News that they left the baby to his  yaya (babysitter), but when they were about to play with John, the child wasn’t responding anymore.

According to John’s “uncle Emil”, the poor child could not be recognized anymore due to burns at the face and his whole body was swollen.

Baby John was immediately brought to the hospital, but it was already too late.

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)’s autopsy report states that asphyxiation (deprivation of oxygen) was the cause of d***h.

Aside from the face, John also suffered burns at the neck and ears. Several bumps were also discovered at the head, and markings at the belly and legs; showing signs of having been tied.

The family suspects the yaya, only identified as “Madel” did the cold-blooded crime. Uncle Emil said they looked for Madel but she has already ran away.

According to John’s mother, Madel has been with their family for almost a year now. They welcomed her to their family when she was begging for shelter and a job.

They never even thought that Madel could do such a thing, because Madel has been the one who was taking care of John while his single mother works on a night shift job.

The Cruz family plans to file a murder case against “Madel”, and they now have regrets for not listening to the neighbors’ hearsay that she’s a drug addict.

Watch the video report by ABS CBN News via Youtube: