“Your uncle died. LOL”: Nanay erroneously sends text message to relatives with different ‘LOL’ in mind

Image by Pinterest, Lintian Sana

Need some good laugh today?

The word d***h and laughter is seldom incorporated with each other. Well, that is possible if the one who died is perhaps your most hated character in a movie, but in real life? If you ever thought that the d***h of someone, especially a loved one or a relative would ever make you laugh, that has a zero percent chance of happening. But look, this conversation below is quite a different story!

In a ‘convo’ shared by Bicolano page “Lintian Sana,” a mother shares some bad news through text to her child; saying “Gadan na baga si uncle mo. Lol.” [your uncle died. Lol.]

To the recipient, it was baffling; why would the sender say “Lol” towards such a very sad, sensitive matter.

Even the sender got confused afterwards..

Find out what happened next.

(To save you the trouble, we translated the conversation from Bicolano dialect to English)

So there you go. The ‘Nanay’ thought LOL means “Lots of Love”. Be careful next time we use those ‘millennial’ abbreviations; to avoid misunderstandings. However, some claims say that the original meaning of LOL is indeed lots of love. But laugh out loud became more popular up to the present day.

Be careful also of using the phrase “lintian sana,” it is best to ask a bicolano friend first before using it.

And while we’re not far from the topic, here’s 14 millennial abbreviations you should take note of, according to SHEfinds.com

BAE: before anyone else

FOMO: fear of missing out

FTW: for the win

HBD: happy birthday

ICYMI: in case you missed it

IMO: in my opinion

IRL: in real life

LMK: let me know

MYOB: mind your own business

NSFW: not safe for work

OOTD: outfit of the day

SMH: shaking my head

TBH: to be honest

YOLO: you only live once

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