Agot Isidro tweets request that performance bonus of government employees be given to tokhang victims

Images by Agot Isidro via Twitter and Instagram accounts

Agot Isidro on her Twitter account posted an appeal to the government about the appropriation of budget, specifically, the government employees’ performance-based bonuses. She asked if it’s possible for the budget set for performance-based bonuses be given to the families of tokhang victims for burial.

This is in response to the recent announcement of Sec. Benjamin Diokno that performance-based bonuses for eligible government employees will continue contrary to an earlier statement of House appropriation Sec Karlo Nograles that it’s under review.

Agot had been very vocal on her Twitter account about her views and opinion on the current government programs especially the War on Drugs. She advised the proper appropriation of budget and funds. She reiterated the “rethinking” of alleged budgets set for Oplan Double Barrel, Intelligence Fund and Overseas travel with hashtags #900M_forOplanDoubleBarrel,  #1B_forIntelligenceFund, #386M_forOverseasTrips.

This of course threw fuel to the fire and she again became the center of b*****g and negative reactions. Although to be fair, some were respectful but some were just below the belt and the feisty actress had to respond.

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Twitter, GMA