Almost 5,000 job openings available in Qatar; salary range P23,000 – P80,000 for welders and engineers

CC BY 2.0 Images by POEA via official website

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is pleased to announce that there are almost 5,000 job openings available to Filipinos willing to work in Qatar.

Despite the Qatar crisis still not being resolved, it seems like its economy is still booming and the need for more labor force is still increasing.

Jocelyn Sanchez, Deputy Administrator of POEA, confirmed in an interview with ABS-CBN that due to Qatar being chosen as the host country for the Fifa World Cup 2022, it ushered the increase in number of construction projects in the country.

In the POEA official website, it listed the 4,875 available job vacancies but it was summarized in an article by ABS-CBN:

  • Nurse – 1,882
  • Electrician/ship electrician – 1,389
  • Mechanical engineer – 497
  • Carpenter – 313
  • Laborer – 266
  • Mason – 220
  • Welder – 151
  • Foreman – 61
  • Mechanic – 61
  • Plasterer – 24

Due to the high demand for more skilled workers, Qatari companies pay as much as 1,700 Qatari rials or almost P23,000 for welders and construction workers. They also pay as high as P80,000 or 6,000 Qatari rials for mechanical engineers or electricians. Nurses are also in demand and they are paid handsomely by as much as  3,200 Qatari rials or P40,000 or more. 

POEA reminds interested applicants that they do not need to visit the POEA offices to apply for the Qatar jobs. They can check all the details in their official website,

They are also reminding everyone to be wary of illegal recruiters and to check the POEA website for a list of accredited recruitment agencies.

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