American helps abused Filipino workers, says PH should stop sending OFWs to Saudi Arabia

Images by Filipino Domestic Worker Abuse in Saudi Arabia and Karl Anderson via Facebook accounts

Karl Fredrick Anderson has committed himself to helping abused overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and his Facebook page has been overflowing with cases of maltreated Filipinos working as maids/househelpers in Saudi Arabia.

For four years, Anderson has been helping abused OFWs working in the KSA. Anderson admits that this was not the path he had expected to take since he is a successful record label owner in California. But it seems like his life mission knocked on his heart after rescuing an abused Filipino worker he personally knew.

He reportedly shared with GMA via email: “After I rescued the first worker, another one was referred to me and another.”

Anderson set up a Facebook page, Filipino Domestic Worker A***e In Saudi Arabia that has almost 40 people working on different cases everyday. So far, the group has successfully rescued and helped almost 500 OFWs.

They receive inquiries or complaints about abuses everyday from helpers or maids working in Saudi Arabia. He shared, “Many workers are sexually abused or raped by their employers. Sometimes it will be the son who is the sexual abuser, not the baba. Most of the physical a***e and beating are done, on the other hand, by the madam.”

He further shared stories of abuses: “I have seen many workers who were beaten with an electrical cord, stick, or the black rope that ties the headdress on the man,” Anderson narrated. “I have had workers that were thrown downstairs and burned with hot irons.”

Anderson has acknowledged the fast assistance provided by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) but expressed that it’s not enough that we help the abused. He believes that to stop the pattern of a***e,  the Philippines should stop sending overseas workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He said, “Anything less and you will just be sending workers abroad to suffer the same.”