Aregluhan? Mother agrees to financial settlement with Chinoy who tied her child, made Tulfo abandon case

Image capture of video by Raffy Tulfo in Action

Teresita Pangandoyo went to one of Raffy Tulfo’s programs Radyo Singco 92.3 News FM, to complain about her six-year-old child being tied by her Chinoy employer for three hours.

Peter Sia, the Chinoy employer was reached via phonecall and said that Teresita was very physical in disciplining her own child. He also said that witnesses can attest that Teresita was the one who ordered to get her child tied up.

The host, Mr. Raffy Tulfo, told Mr. Sia that it is just proper to halt Teresita’s physical disciplinary methods, and that whatever Mr. Sia says in his house should stick, whoever may have ordered the tying up.

Teresita then said that she wants justice for the child.

Mr. Sia had nothing else to say when Tulfo told him cases could be filed against him; agreeing to settle the dispute at the local barangay.

And when Mr. Tulfo asked Teresita: “Sa tingin ko ho, ma’am, aabot ito sa aregulhan lang, ‘di ho ba?” [I think ma’am, this will all end up in a financial settlement, will it?], Teresita, with no hesitation, responded with an O.K.

Tulfo then said he and his crew, reporters, cameramen, drivers, won’t meddle any longer as it has  been agreed that both parties will patch things up at the barangay council.

On September 11, Tulfo’s team contacted Sia to check how things went. Sia said that Teresita demanded P500,000, but he refused to give in, and instead challenged Teresita to just meet in court. Teresita then lowered her demands to P50,000. Teresita confirmed these were true when Tulfo’s team contacted her.

Raffy Tulfo in action ended their video shared on Facebook: “Dahil dito, tuluyan na kaming tatalikod sa pagtulong kay Teresita sapagkat maliwanag na sa amin na pera lang talaga ang habol niya sa among Chinoy at hindi hustisya para sa kanyang anak.”

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