Atio’s parents face John Paulo Solano at Senate, father cries for justice

Image capture from GMA News' YouTube video
  • Slain UST law student’s parents faced off against primary hazing suspect in Senate hearing
  • Victim’s father appealed for justice, promised no rest for fratmen involved in son’s d***h
  • He also appealed to UST law dean, son’s classmates to help him find son’s killers

MANILA, Philippines – The parents of Horacio “Atio” Castillo faced one of the primary suspects in their son’s hazing d***h for the first time at the Senate on Monday evening.

John Paul Solano had earlier refused to meet the Castillos at the Manila Police District (MPD) as he did not have his lawyer with him.

A registered medical technologist, Solano claimed he was only instructed by his brods from Aegis Juris to bring the unconscious victim to the Chinese General Hospital after the latter’s initiation rites.

For his part, Atio’s father Horacio Jr. decried the senseless d***h of his son as he blasted the Aegis Juris members for treating him like an animal.

“We are no different from any other parent here. We live our lives for our children, wishing to always shield them from harm, to protect them from unkindness, to shelter from injustice. We will forever be tormented with the thought that the Aegis Juris fraternity invited him to their organization only to treat him like an animal,” he said.

Mr. Castillo also vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice no matter what it takes even as he said this incident forever stain the fraternity’s reputation

“To the members of Aegis Juris fraternity who continue to be silent, in hiding, or who have fled the country, we will not rest and we will not stop, we will not leave any stone unturned and resources untapped until everyone complicit in the hazing rites are brought to justice. Only the Almighty God can judge you. . But your actions now, whether of courage or cowardice, will forever define you as a person, and your fraternity as an institution,” he said.

As for UST civil law dean Nilo Divina who is also a member of the fraternity, the grieving father called on him to step up and do what’s right.

“We appeal to Dean Nilo Divina to exhibit heroic leadership and impartiality regardless of his affiliation with Aegis Juris. Decisive and unequivocal action is needed because some students who have information related to Atio’s d***h are afraid to come out because of the fraternity’s perceived influence,” he said. “To the students of UST and classmates of Atio, or Hora as you call him, difficult as it may be, please tell us more about what you know regarding Atio’s d***h.”

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