Bill Gates regrets ctrl+alt+del command, should be 1-button he says

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61-year-old Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates is pleased with the contributions he made for technology, but said that he regrets putting one command, which is still being utilized to this day: the ctrl+alt+delete.

The “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” command —which is used to reboot any Windows computer, should have been assigned to a single button according to Gates in his appearance on Bloomberg’s Global Business Forum in New York City last Wednesday.

CNN Money quoted him: “If I could make one small edit, I’d make that a single key.”

“Well, I’m not sure you can go back in life and change small things in your life without putting other things at risk,” Gates added. He also said that if he could make one small edit, he would make that  a single-key operation.

The ctrl+alt+del function was originally created by IBM engineer David Bradley, who intended the function as a shortcut method for rebooting an IBM PC.

However, the method has stuck and been used since then.

Well, haven’t you tried it yet?

If your PC freezes for an unknown reason, it is very useful. Go give it a try now; it won’t hurt.