Bribes paid twice: Lacson accuses Faeldon of “doble tara” scheme in BOC

Image from Senator Ping Lacson's Facebook account
  • Senator questioned ex-Customs chief’s issuance of special stop orders
  • He said scheme allegedly allowed Faeldon and cohorts to take “tara” twice from importers
  • He also vowed to uncover, bring all evidence to bear against Faeldon

MANILA, Philippines – “Tara” (grease money) paid twice?

Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson flung this latest accusation at ex-Customs chief Nicanor Faeldon as he questioned his issuance of “special stop orders” which allegedly enabled him and his cohorts to take bribes from importers a second time after they had already paid the initial fee.

“’Yun ‘yung tinatawag ko na doble tara ng doble kara. Nag-tara na, napunta sa green lane, pinrocess na. Tatarahan pa ulit sa pamamagitan ng special stop orders,” Rappler quoted him as saying.

[That’s what I call double tara. You already paid tara, went to the green lane, and was already processed but you will be imposed new tara through special stop orders.]

The senator also continued his tirade at Faeldon over the latter’s alleged hypocrisy.

“Ang pinakamapanganib ay ang tanga na nagdudunung-dunungan at corrupt na naglilinis-linisan,” Lacson said during the hearing,” he said.

[The most dangerous thing is a stupid person thinking he’s smart and a corrupt who acts like he’s clean.]

At loggerheads over the BOC’s drug-smuggling issue, Lacson again vowed to continue gathering evidence against the former Customs commissioner amid his plan to file economic sabotage and graft raps against the latter.

“I’m really obsessed in gathering evidence to really file as many cases that I can file based on the evidence that I have gathered and will gather,” he said. “I have the capability to really gather evidences because I’ve been an investigator all my life. Now if he says I’m obsessed, yes by all means I’m obsessed to really prove my point that what’s contained in my privilege speech is true.”