Call for Justice: Father-to-be engineer films Railway Police’ extortion, pushed on moving train; authorities say suicide

Image by Kundan Srivastava's Facebook Post, The Voice Raiser

Careful when taking videos, especially of people with power doing nasty things, as you might just end up more of a victim than those you are trying to help. Let us not put his d***h in vain. Stand for justice.

Rahul Singh, a 22-year-old engineer and a father-to-be in five months’ time, was thrown out of a moving train when he was caught by railways officials recording a video of an alleged extortion.

Rahul, a resident of Bhokhri village, Bihar working in Delhi, India was returning home on August 24 by Chambal Express when at Jhansi railway station, a squad of RPF (Railway Protection Force) constables got on the train and started extorting money from people.

For the sake of proof, Rahul filmed the incident on his phone, but the officials caught him recording and got agitated.

According to Kuldeep Sharma, an eyewitness, Rahul was brutally beaten up and was forced to lick the sputum of the officials. Kuldeep tried to help Singh, but was threatened by the officials.

After the officials snatched Rahul’s gold chain, bracelet and mobile phone, they threw him out of the moving train. Rahul was rushed to a local hospital where he was declared d**d on arrival.

According to an article by The Voice Raiser and a Facebook post by a concerned netizen-human rights activist Kundan Srivastava, the authorities allegedly manipulated some parts of the story to make it look like a suicide.

Srivastava wrote on his Facebook post:

“Kuldeep sharma, the witness of incident, reached mahoba GRP to lodge an FIR against the officials but was straightly denied but he tweeted the whole incident to Railway minister Suresh Prabhu after intervention of whom an FIR was registered the next day in Allahabad GRP from Kuldeep Sharma’s Side.

I salute Kuldeep’s courage to take stand against the police personnel, now its our turn to raise the voice to punish these culprits.”

Srivastava also urged the PMO India Narendra ModiSuresh PrabhuPiyush Goyal to take strict action against culprits.

An online petition was made at Stand against Brutal killing of Rahul Singh by Railway officials

Watch this video shared on Facebook by The Voice Raiser: