Camille Prats-Yambao bashed by JaDine fans over a Twitter post about Lustre

Images by Camille Pratts-Yambao via Twitter and Instagram accounts

The very pregnant Camille Prats-Yambao found herself under fire by Jadine fans for reposting an article titled “You are worth standing in the altar with” which features the image of the the popular loveteam Jadine.

Camille, a devout Christian, agreed with the blog post by Jade Libelo titled “You are worth standing in the altar with.” The article became viral a few months back as a response to Nadine Lustre’s controversial views on living together prior to marriage.

The article says, “Come on, it’s 2017 now.’ Sadly, some people think that the Bible is no longer relevant to this generation because the times have changed. However, the truth is—the wisdom of the Bible is timeless.

The controversial phrase “Come on, it’s 2017 now” was the exact reply of Nadine Lustre when asked by ABS-CBN if she and James Reid are living in together.

Apparently, Camille shared it, not to allude to Nadine, but because she agrees on the aspect of women being worthy of marriage — worth standing in the altar with; hence her post saying: “To all the young ones out there, this is for you. ‘You are worth pursuing. You are worth loving..”

Camille felt overwhelmed by all the hate thrown at her. She denied throwing shade at Jadine and that she was surprised that Jadine’s photo was featured. Camille has already deleted the repost but Fashion Pulis was able to keep a screenshot.

Image by Fashion Pulis via website

The Jadine fans took to Twitter to defend their idols; saying that it’s unfair and wrong to judge the couple.