Cebu priest claims 30 “satanic” rosaries destroyed, warns Catholics to be on guard

Image from Libera Nox
  • Priest in Cebu said they have disposed 30 “satanic” rosaries turned over to them
  • He claimed satanists manufacturing and spreading rosaries among unknowing Catholics
  • He also warned faithful to be vigilant, urged them to surrender other suspicious-looking items

MANILA, Philippines – A priest in Cebu claimed to have disposed of 30 “satanic” rosaries since September 8 after they were turned over by concerned locals.

“We properly disposed cursed occult paraphernalia by burning them. I recited a minor exorcism prayer which has been recommended for priests who were not appointed as official exorcist,” The Freeman quoted Augustinian priest Father Ric Anthony Reyes as saying.

According to Reyes, the proliferation of such items means satanists are hard at work trying to undermine the Catholic faithful.

“If we speak of spiritual warfare, the proliferation of satanic rosaries for some time means it is really serious to Catholics who innocently used cursed religious items,” he said. “There are really satanists who clandestinely do the manufacturing of these rosaries. The cross which has mocked signs of satanism is a potential item of demonic infestation.”

The priest urged the faithful to be on guard and said they should immediately surrender any other religious items deemed suspicious.

“They can know that these rosaries are not of Catholic origin because of the symbolisms not of Catholic piety,” he said.

For his part, Cebu archdiocese media liaison officer Monsignor Joseph Tan advised buyers to have their rosaries blessed before using them.

“If you have a newly acquired rosary, it always pays to have it blessed before you use it,” he said.

Earlier, Novaliches priest and exorcist Father Ambrosio Legaspi warned of the proliferation of rosaries which have been prayed over by satanists.

“Please be careful as the rosaries you might be using could actually be infested or cursed,”  he said. “These were made not only to be simply given away but to deceive Catholic so that evil spirits will haunt them.”