Demonstration of military force, US bombers flying near North Korea

Image via Wikimedia Commons

US bombers are flying near the east coast of North Korea to show military power ready to face any threats, the Pentagon said.

The Pentagon says flights reach the furthest distance from the demilitarized zone between two Koreas that have been fought by US combat aircraft or bombers in the 21st century.

Tensions in the Korean Peninsula are on the rise, following the intensity of the North’s nuclear program.

The Pentagon announced that the show of force of military forces was to show the US’ “seriousness” of North Korean behavior that he called “reckless”. The Pentagon also called the North Korean weapons program a “serious threat”.

“This mission is a demonstration of US determination and a clear message that the president has many military options to defeat all threats,” the Pentagon statement said.

“We are ready to use all military capability to defend our US homeland and our allies.”

The US Air Force bomber B-1B Lancer from Guam, accompanied by an Air Force F-15C Eagle fighter from Okinawa, Japan, flies in international airspace.

The flight came amid hot rhetoric between two country leaders – Kim called the US president a “madman” and a “senile old man”.