Don’t ever try this! Video shows stormchaser standing up to Hurricane Irma to test its strength

Image capture of video via Simon Brewer's Twitter Account

Two American storm chasers faced intense weather conditions caused by Hurricane Irma.

Their objective? To measure the strength of the wind as the eyewall arrived in Florida.

Meteorologist Simon Brewer posted a video on Sunday morning of what happened after his fellow meteorologist Justin Drake got out of his car and came face-to-face with Hurricane Irma in Key West, Florida.

In the video, one can see Drake is wearing a paintball mask. At one point, he falls and loses his mask. Despite everything, he persists and gets back on his feet and continues his work.


“I had to go out and try the winds from the wall of the eye of the hurricane!” he posted on his twitter account.

“It was by far the strongest winds that I’ve ever experienced,” Drake said. “It was just so strong and powerful it just made it almost impossible at times to stand up,” he told the Today Show.

“We actually got a wind gust measurement of 117 mph,” he said; adding that he believes the winds may have been even stronger than his equipment could register.

“I would compare these winds to what I experienced during Hurricane Harvey,” he said. “The winds in this one were even stronger, if that can put things into perspective of just how powerful this storm is.”

On Today Show‘s Facebook page, views on the video have risen to over 5.5 million.