Drunken tourist manages to swim in the Hoover Dam for the first time in history

Image via Pixabay

A British tourist trying to star in his own live-action version of The Hangover drunkenly swam across the Hoover Dam, but unfortunately for him, he was fined $330 after he was a******d.

Aaron Hughes, 28 years old, has been the first person to cross, alive, the 221 meter high dam on the border between the states of Arizona and Nevada, as reported by The Guardian.

Hughes decided to jump into the water, intoxicated, after he came from a bachelor party in Las Vegas.

“It was around 45-50 degrees outside and we were on a stag do in Vegas. You go to Vegas to have fun, don’t you? We made the Hangover movie look tame,” he said.

“We were all just standing there and I thought, I’m going for a swim. I got to the bottom and thought: I can make that,” he added.

After 30 minutes, Hughes completed his swim, and waiting police officers a******d him; he was ultimately fined $330.

Over the last decade, 275 people have died at the Hoover Dam. However, it is thought that had all of the 10 turbines been switched on, Hughes also would not have survived.