Finding Daisy: $10,000 reward offered for this stolen goat, finder refuses reward

Image via Farm Animal Rescue & Rehoming Movement - FARRM Facebook;'s Account

Officials at an animal sanctuary near Wetaskiwin offered a reward, no-questions-asked, for the return of a blind goat named Daisy who was suspected to have been kidnapped. Weird, yes, but apparently it’s what happened.

Daisy is a baby goat who lost her sight and her tongue after being attacked by crows.

The organization, Farm Animal Rescue & Rehoming Movement (FARRM), located in Wetaskiwin, Alberta,  is convinced that the animal was indeed kidnapped since neighbors say they saw a vehicle they didn’t recognize at the home and heard dogs barking, then found the gate was closed incorrectly.

“Who comes onto someone’s property and steals a blind baby goat? You kind of just assume the worst,” Daisy’s owner Melissa Foley told CTV Edmonton. “We just want her home,” she added.

Officials of the FARRM offered a $ 10,000 reward to find her.

“A reminder to everyone near and far that $10,000 cash is waiting for the person who finds Daisy and brings her home safe from wherever she is found. Please be our hero and her guardian angel.”


Alas! After a few days, she has been found, and amazingly, the finder refused to receive the reward.


Farm Animal Rescue & Rehoming Movement (FARRM) have updated everyone on their Facebook account.


We were just starting to plan where we were going to search this evening when we received a message from an animal communicator that just stood out for us. We raced off to go check it out as it was only a few km down the road from us and we had nothing to lose. Upset and more than disappointed in being sent to another d**d end we started driving back home. We weren’t even a kilometre from where our communicator had sent us when our amazing neighbour (you know who you are!!!) called and said she was at our place and had just picked up Daisy. We were there in 3 seconds flat as we were in the same area, and were greeted by non other than our amazing girl Daisy. Our neighbour said they had just seen her in the little valley not 500m from our house and scooped her up to bring her home. We know 100% someone had just dropped her there in an attempt to return her back to us. Daisy was completely dry and near the road… even though it had been raining all day here. Our neighbour wouldn’t accept the reward money but we are working out something else to pay it forward. We don’t have all the details of that yet but know that in lieu of taking the reward herself it will be getting paid forward to an organization of her choosing. As for the person or people who returned Daisy to us… thank you. I can overlook the reasons as to why you decided to take Daisy from her home in the first place and be thankful to you for not harming her and returning her to us. The decision you made today will define you as a person. Not your past mistakes. Thank you whoever you are. And also a huge thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who searched every field and yard and ditch since Sunday. Thank you to the thousands of people who shared and sent prayers and well wishes for Daisy. Thank you for the food, the wine and the care you all put into getting her home. Also a thank you to those who donated towards her finders fee. We will share with everyone in the near future how we paid it forward as requested by one generous woman we are proud to call our neighbour. As for us, we are going to love this little goat up and rest easy tonight. We will go forward tomorrow now that she is safe and look forward to sharing her smile with everyone