German Actress injects herself with bacteria to be ‘Eternally Young’

Image via Tardos Times' Facebook Page

A 45-year-old actress puts her life at stake in an effort to be ‘forever young’.

“Aging is a disease. It is a genetic flaw to me. Even as a teenager I could never accept the concept of getting older one day,” she said.

For three months, the woman from Germany have injected herself with Bacillus F; a 3.5 million year old bacterium discovered in Siberia.

The amount of risks involved remains unclear for the time being.

“My skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom,” she said via Daily Mail.

“You can’t really see it in the photos but if you see me in person you can see there are no marks or blemishes.”

Manoush gets an injection every two weeks. However, she hopes to quickly increase the dose and frequency.

The injections are just the latest in a longline of procedures for Manoush, who has already spent $50,000 on plastic surgery over the last 20 years.