GMA reporter allegedly gets d***h threat after covering Sen. Trillanes’ trip to Singapore

Image from Jam Sisante's Facebook account

MANILA, Philippines – A reporter from GMA News allegedly received d***h threats after covering and reporting Senator Antonio Trillanes’ trip to Singapore recently.

In a Facebook post by former ABS-CBN News reporter Ryan Chua, which he reposted from Ivan Mayrina’s account of the story, Chua said Jam Sisante was mocked and became the subject of a threat after joining Trillanes on his Singapore trip.

Someone allegedly asked Sisante how much she received as payment after her report was aired on “24 Oras.”

She also gets warned for making the report, with the message saying she must be careful for she might also end up d**d inside a sack.

Mayrina lambasted the message sender for threatening a reporter who was only doing her job. Besides, he said, the event was a legitimate Senate story.

“People, let’s get this straight. Enough of shooting the messenger. Trabaho namin ang mag-cover at mag-report [It is our job to cover (an event) and report them]. At kapag nag-report kami ng labag sa paniniwala mo [And just because we reported something against what you believe in], that doesn’t make us paid hacks and should not make us targets of your murderous rage,” Mayrina wrote.

“You know what we call it? Simply, OUR JOB,” he added.

Senator Trillanes went to Singapore this week to dispute President Rodrigo Duterte’s allegation that he was maintaining an account with a bank there where he supposedly kept his ill-gotten wealth.