Heartbroken guy scatters money to ‘fill the world with love’ again

Image capture of video by Mai Magdy via Youtube

How do you cope with grief over a heart break?

People who have gone through pain over a catastrophic event of a break-up could attest that there is really no magical antidote to get over it easily.

While others cry their hearts out, phone their friends to vent, or perhaps hold an ice cream feast, there are those who have their own bizarre ways of recuperating and mending their broken hearts —  just like this particular guy in Zhejiang province.

As per a story shared by Shanghaiist, a man was spotted at the ticketing counter scattering a stack of 50 or 100 yuan bills into the air.

Security officers at the Yuyao North Railway Station, upon hearing the commotion, immediately ran to the scene and found banknotes scattered on the floor of the railway station.

The officers then picked up the 50 or 100 yuan bills, which totaled to 3,950 yuan, the Beijing Times reported.

However, the man who threw them was already nowhere to be seen, so they resorted to reviewing the surveillance footage.

The act may seem philanthropic, but was it really meant to give away money to everyone?

Sure, it was! The security officers were able to track him down for questioning. The young man revealed that he was heartbroken following a bad breakup with his girlfriend two days ago. He said that by scattering his money around, he hoped to “fill the world with love” again; thinking he would make others happy.

Watch the CCTV footage shared by Mai Magdy on Youtube: