Hermit crab living in a creepy “Toy Story” doll head is freaking out netizens

Image from Reddit

A hermit crab spotted on a Pacific island recently has been freaking out the internet for choosing an unlikely trash as its home – a creepy doll head that closely resembles a Toy Story character.

The photo of the coconut, believed to have taken by a marine biologist on Henderson Island in Pitcairn Island in the Pacific Ocean was actually not meant to scare anyone, but to remind people about the danger of irresponsible and reckless ocean littering that ends up in the destruction of marine environment.

It was originally posted by a Reddit user and has since been shared widely on social media.

“This is actually pretty sad on top of creepy, since things like this is usually a result of a lack of available shells for the crabs, which they need. Don’t collect shells with internal parts from beach areas. Crabs need them,” one commenter wrote.

“I saw this on twitter, the biologist who took the picture was making a point about marine litter,” another said.

Nevertheless, the scary image of the doll head immediately drew inevitable comparison to a creepy “Toy Story” character familiar to most fans of the film – Babyface.

“Looks like the toy from “Toy Story”. This is so creepy!” said one netizen.

Another commenter wrote: “Why did this first make me think of the first Toy Story movie with Sid’s creepy toys?”

For those who may have forgotten Babyface, watch the video below.

But before that, make sure the trash in your hands will not end up in the ocean and being used as a shelter for the poor marine life just like this hermit crab in the photo as this could pose serious danger to their existence.