Hero Riders: Netizen lauds 4 motorists, taxi driver who helped pregnant woman make it safely to hospital

Image by Matalinong Matsing via Facebook post

Heroes on the road? Yes, there still are many!

A taxi, with a couple passengers (husband, pregnant wife), was rushing to a hospital as a baby may very soon make its way out into the world. As expected, Metro Manila’s traffic is making it hard for fast travel — especially in emergency cases.

So goes the story as shared by a netizen named Evadone Elixus’ (presumably the father) on the Facebook Page of Matalinong Matsing on Sunday.

The netizen narrated that he and his pregnant wife were so blessed to get a taxi ride to take them to the hospital and since it was an emergency, an unexpected help coming from four unidentified men on motorcycles was a very welcome deed.

Amazingly, the four motorists escorted them through traffic from ‘tungko’ to ‘FCM’ until they reached the shortcut to the hospital.

They made it!

As soon as the wife was laid on a stretcher, the baby’s head was already coming out and it only took a few minutes until the baby was born.

Indeed, every minute mattered and if not for the help of the four riders, they could not have made it in good time.

Likewise, the netizen didn’t forget to mention the equally amazing taxi driver’s fast and smart driving; finding out later that the driver was a former ambulance driver.

The netizen, as per his post, wasn’t able to formally thank the heroes because at the time his brain was in a state of panic, so he shared this story to inspire others and to extend his deep gratitude to those who helped in his baby’s safe delivery. And by the way, it’s a girl!

Read his story and watch his video and photos shared by Facebook Page Matalinong Matsing.  You might know the plate number of one of our ‘Hero Riders’. Please let us know in the comments section who these 5 good people are.


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Image by Definitely Filipino’s Facebook post