Irma pushes everything in its path

Image via Roger Lima Dias D' Avila Acontece

Hurricane Irma continues its devastating journey on the west coast of Florida on Sunday night after landing at Marco Island just south of the city of Naples earlier in the afternoon.

The eye of the hurricane was brought down to Category 2 from a maximum of 5.

So far, three deaths have been attributed to the natural disaster. The three people k****d, two in Sarasota on the west coast, and one near Key West, in the Keys, lost their lives in road crashes.

Irma, about 55 km from Fort Myers, was first demoted to Category 3 in the early afternoon of Sunday. The hurricane was previously Category 4 when it swept the Keys south of the peninsula at 7 am before the hurricane’s eye landed at Cudjoe Key two hours later.

The hurricane remains extremely dangerous, and moves north at a speed of 22 km/ h. The last recorded winds blow at 160 km/ h.

According to the US National Hurricane Center, Irma’s speed should increase overnight and storms are expected to storm northern Florida and southern Georgia as of Monday afternoon.

Beyond the winds and the rain, the authorities hammer the population that the greatest danger is the tides of storm . A rapid rise of water presents a deadly risk. Early Sunday evening, the water level rose by 2.1 meters (7 feet) in the space of 90 minutes in Naples.