Just for laughs? Man realizes nipple-pinching crab is not a good pick

Image capture of video by Yougams Nicolasora's Facebook post

It is never good to laugh at other people in excruciating pain, but admit it, this one can get you laughing or at least smirk a bit, especially when no one is looking. After all, it was done just for fun.

A video shared by netizen Yougams Nicolasora on Facebook is currently trending with 417k views as of posting.

Mr. Yougams told Kicker Daily that the incident took place at around 6:30pm at a place they call “Lumbeach” in Butuan City on Sunday.

Yougams’ friend Reghor invited them to his resthouse in Barangay Lumbocan. Just like a typical pinoy comedy film, friends getting drunk bound to do crazy things saw an alimasag [crab].

According to Yougams, their friend Reghor has always been a fan of the US tv show “Jackass” and the latter always have a lively personality. On their way to the cottage after a swim at the beach, they saw a crab on the sand and Reghor knew exactly what to do with it.

Reghor said “Guys, check this out” and then he placed the crab’s pincer on his nipple. After a short while he shouted so loudly that people from other cottages went to check if there was an emergency situation; only to laugh at the oddity they witnessed.

Reghor, ‘the daredevil’, repeatedly shouted YAWA!, which means devil in bisaya.

Watch the video via Facebook, with credits to Yougams Nicolasora: