Man takes pet duck as a ‘walking buddy’ for a 3km waddle each day

Image by Vision China Editor: Cheng Gang

Chinese folks really have a bizarre way of capturing everyone’s attention; not to mention, they also have an interesting choice for companions.

A man in Anhui city of Anqing, named Sheng Yonggao, is an instant “online sensation” after videos and photos of him taking a morning walk, followed closely by his pet, were posted online.

Unlike many people who would rather take their pet dog or cat for a walk, Sheng chose his pet duck as his “wellness buddy.”

Following his photos and videos that went viral online, a reporter got interested and traced Sheng’s location, to know the story behind his unusual pet, as per a story shared by Shanghaiist.

It was then found out that Sheng and his wife were given 20 ducklings by a friend three years ago. Perhaps thinking 20 was a big number; Sheng gave away 16 of them and left four ducklings for himself. Unfortunately, over the next six months, three of the baby ducks died, leaving a single poor little duckling behind.

Sheng initially had not much of a fondness for raising ducks but later became more and more attached to the lonely duck which liked to follow him around. And soon enough, the duck became his morning exercise buddy, waddling close behind him for 3km every day, much to the amusement of neighbors.

Sheng revealed that he and his wife don’t have any plans on serving the pet for a meal, and hoping it would keep them company as they grow old.

Earlier this month, a granny, also known as the “tortoise grandma”, in the northwestern city of Changchun also became an instant celebrity after photos of her taking her 50-kg pet tortoise out for a daily walk went viral online.