Mighty Corp. to employees: Retire or stay under new owners

Image by Dept. of Finance, Mighty Corp.

Following its sale to the Japan Tobacco International Philippines (JTI), Mighty Corp. asked its 300 workers to decide whether they want to retire or stay and work under the company’s new management.

As per an Inquirer story, around 30 workers staged a protest rally on Monday night in front of Mighty’s manufacturing plant in Barangay Tikay. It is believed they were among 120 personnel who were terminated after they were not instructed to return to work.

Oscar Barrientos, Mighty Corp. president, said: “There is no truth to that. There is no termination, no abandonment. What we offer is retirement or continuation of their employment. We have prepared the checks. We have been distributing checks.”

Carlo Francisco, 34, who led the Monday rally, said Mighty offered them half of their retirement benefits under a proposed set of separation packages. He further said that should they choose to avail themselves of early retirement, Mighty promised to pay the remaining half in two years.

Francisco said most workers wanted a higher retirement package to be paid in full, not in installments. “But for us, we need not even receive the full retirement, for as long as we are allowed to continue working,” he said.