Mom threatens to jump off building with her daughter after finding out about husband’s affair

Image capture of video via Shanghaiist

Residents of one Beijing neighborhood watched in terror on Saturday as an agitated woman attempted to jump from a building after finding out about her husband’s affair; threatening to bring her daughter along with her.

video  of the incident as shared by Shanghaiist showed the mother and the daughter standing on a narrow ledge outside the window of a residential building. The little girl can be seen holding her mom tightly while crying and pleading: “Mama, I don’t want to!”

Down on the ground, the husband is seen kneeling down while urging rescue firefighters and police officers to hurry.

Onlookers revealed the wife had found out about the affair of the husband; and to make things worse, he also doesn’t make a living at the moment, according to Shanghaiist.

In the video, the wife is shouting at the top of her voice and expressing her grievances against the husband from her dangerous post. She was questioning why he was not at home and accusing him of living with his mistress at the expense of his family. “What do you have that I could want?” she shouted.

“You want money, you have no money. You want a car, you have no car. You want a house, you have no house. You can’t give me anything. The only thing I wanted from you was to give me a child and a happy family.”

From the ground, a police officer pleads with the woman to give her husband a second chance; saying that he knew he was wrong, seeing how he has been kneeling down on the ground for the past three hours in embarrassment.

Finally, the woman started to listen to the authorities and became tired. A police officer jumped from a nearby window and was able to push the mother and daughter back inside their apartment with the help of other rescuers.