Mystery surrounds mass grave of hundred of orphans in Scotland

Image via Velvet news

An orphanage is usually a residential institution devoted to the care of orphans — children whose biological parents are deceased or otherwise unable or unwilling to take care of them, but a Scottish orphanage may tell another story.

The remains of at least 400 children, who had been cared for by Catholic nuns at the Smyllum Park Orphanage, are believed to be buried in a plot in St Mary’s Cemetery, in Lanarkshire.

Allegations of a***e at the home – including beatings, psychological a***e and public humiliation – have also been uncovered by the The Sunday Post and BBC’s File on Four investigation.

Headstones mark the graves of the nuns and staff members buried nearby but no stone or memorial has ever recorded the names of the lost children.

The remains of the bodies of the children were found together in a space of the St Mary’s cemetery, located very near the old institute Smyllum Park.

According to the investigation, identification or names of children’s bodies remain unknown.

“It is heartbreaking to discover so many children may have been buried in these unmarked graves. After so many years of silence, we must now know the truth of what happened here,” Former First Minister, Jack McConnell said.