Nadine-gue? Nadine Lustre jokes, “I’m surprised I’m still alive” after camping that led to dengue

Image by Nadine Lustre's Instagram post, Wikipedia

Nadine-gue siya?

“I’m surprised I’m still alive,” FHM Ph’s sexiest woman or shall we say sexiest dengue patient Nadine Lustre joked in an Instagram story on Saturday, after she learned that the illness she had not been taking seriously for about two weeks was actually Dengue.

She had been “really sick” since she got back from a mountain camping with James Reid and some friends, and had been experiencing symptoms like “on and off fever, weakness, bruising, [and] colds.”

She ignored the symptoms, and was stunned by the doctor’s pronouncement.

She wrote on Instagram: “Thinking it was probably just off season for me. Didn’t really think about it too much. Fast forward. Got a check up today.. Doctor comes in and tells me it was Dengue.”

“DMN. I’m surprised I’m still alive after 2 weeks of leaving it, ignoring it,” she added.

Image by Nadine Lustre’s Instagram Stories shared by ABS CBN

The actress is recovering now and thanks her followers for the support.

Earlier in September, Lustre, Reid, and some friends climbed Mt. Ulap in Benguet. She also shared photos of the adventure on Instagram.

Dengue has become a global problem since World War II and is common in more than 110 countries. Each year between 50 and 528 million people are infected and approximately 10,000 to 20,000 d*e. Quite a small proportion for life-threatening cases eh? But in case you don’t want to be included in the 10,000-20,000 out of 50-528 million, it is best to seek your doctor right away when signs and symptoms start to manifest.