Olivia Newton John uses Cannabis to battle c****r

Image by Olivia Newton John's Instagram post, Pinterest, Youtube

Renowned singer Olivia Newton-John has been taking medical m*******a to ease the agonizing pain of breast c****r.

The four-time  Grammy award winner who sang ageless hits like “Hopelessly Devoted to You” and “I Honestly Love You” was first diagnosed with breast c****r in 1992 and had a partial mastectomy and chemotherapy. But just this May, she reportedly had a painful back caused by the c****r spreading to her lower spine which caused her to postpone performances.

At present, the 68-year-old music legend drinks a cannabis mixture made by her herbalist husband to control the illness. Just weeks ago she was unable to walk but surprisingly, she is now back on stage and doing shows in the US.

In an article by Mirror, Olivia was quoted saying: “My husband’s a plant medicine man so he grew cannabis and made tinctures for me for pain and inflammation.”

She said that it helped her a lot with pain because she doesn’t like taking prescription d***s. She added that it made sense to use the “magical, miracle plant” instead of popping pills and applying steroid creams.

“It’s kind and compassionate. It’s what should be available for everybody to use,” she further said.

Aside from the medicinal plant, she also mentioned the public’s support and love for her that have lifted her spirit to battle c****r.

At 68, she still has that magical smile!

Image capture of video by Kabo via YouTube

Listen to one of her most loved hits, fan or not, for sure you’ve heard this gem:

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