Pinay maid in UAE a******d after employer saw her wearing ‘stolen’ necklace on Facebook

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An absconding Filipina domestic worker in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was a******d after her former employer saw her wearing an alleged stolen necklace on a Facebook photo.

According to a Gulf News article, the American employer came home in March 2016 and found out her 28-year-old Filipina maid had run away.

However, she had no idea the Pinay worker stole her jewelry until she saw her wearing the necklace in a photo the latter uploaded on Facebook.

The employer immediately reported the matter to the authorities. The Filipina suspect was finally a******d last July 2017 after more than a year of hiding.

Aside from stealing the 5,000 dirhams (US $1,360) necklace, the employer also accused the Filipina of running off with her bracelet worth 3,700 dirhams ($1,007), 600 dirhams ($164) cash and a fragrance worth 600 dirhams ($164).

However, during court interrogation, the Filipina denied stealing the items and pleaded not guilty to theft charges.

“They asked me if I wanted to stay working for them, but when I told them no and asked them to fly me back home … they got angry and decided to complain. I didn’t take anything,” she told the court when asked why her employer complained.

The employer testified that she saw the Filipina’s Facebook image wearing her necklace and realized that she was robbed.

A co-worker also testified she saw the American woman wearing the neckplace at work and said it was the same jewelry on the Facebook photo the police showed to her.

While the suspect claimed to have bought the necklace at a jewelry shop in Satwa, the store owner denied selling the type shown on photo.

The court is set to hand its decision this coming October 6.

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