Pinoy netizens suggest what a Filipina Powerpuff Girl’s name should be

Image by Shamcey Chupchop's Tweet

“Sugar, spice, and everything (with) rice,” says one of the respondents.

After Cartoon Network announced that a new and fourth Powerpuff Girl will be added to the original trio, people speculated on who and what would the new heroine be like. And so last September 17, the cartoon channel revealed the new Powerpuff Girl named “Bliss.”

Most people commended the show for trying to make the main characters more diverse with a darker-skinned heroine. And if there’s already a black powerpuff girl, why not an Asian or any known race next? And that’s probably why the idea of a Pinay Powerpuff Girl came about.

Filipino netizens thought about what a Pinay Powerpuff Girl would be aptly called.

Names like Maria or Luzviminda would be very Filipina, but they might be off-sounding as all of the powerpuff girls’ names–Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, and Bliss start with the letter B.

What about Bituin? Belen? or Belinda? And why not trendy 2017 names like Bebegurl, Bes, or Bhexzssh_Maluphetz? So what do you think? Feel free to comment your suggestions below.

A tweet by netizen “Shamcey Chupchop” on September 18 earned suggestions, and as of posting has been liked 2,128 times  and got 350 retweets:


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