Remember Kim Chiu’s runner-up at PBB Teen Edition 2006? He’s very successful now in Singapore

Images captured from SHOWBIZNEST VIDEO's YouTube video

Do you still remember Mikee Lee, Kim Chiu’s runner-up during the former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Edition in 2006?

On YouTube, SHOWBIZNEST VIDEO posted a report about the present life of the PBB Teen Edition Season 1 first runner-up, next to the season’s “Big Winner” Chiu.

Lee, who was called the “Pambato ng Ateneo”, was known for being an intelligent young man and the housemate who was linked to Chiu.

Many people assumed that Lee and Chiu would end up together because both admitted mutual admiration for each other. However, upon going out of the house, Chiu was partnered with Filipino-American housemate Gerald Anderson.

After years of being inactive in the entertainment industry, Lee is now a very successful strategy and planning professional in Singapore.

While Lee admitted that he misses showbiz, it seems like Lee has no plans to come back any time soon.

“For the past few years I was working for a consumer goods company, where I helped identify growth opportunities for a portfolio of brands in the region. This is also where I learned what good work looks like,” he said in an interview last July.

“Starting this year, I will be working for a firm that invests in and builds new businesses in Asia – where I will contribute to find ways to grow portfolio companies,” he added.

Here is a video report about the present life of Mikee Lee: