Solano admits lying on hazing case, claims frat brod ordered him to do it

Image from Senate of the Philippines
  • Primary suspect in fatal hazing admitted lying to authorities on where he found victim’s body
  • He told senators a brod instructed him to lie, said he will name him in his affidavit
  • He again denied participating in the rites, claimed he was just told to come in the aftermath

MANILA, Philippines – A primary suspect, or a fall guy?

John Paul Solano admitted to senators hearing the fatal hazing case of Horacio “Atio” Castillo he lied to authorities on where he found the victim’s body.

However, Solano claimed he only lied because he was ordered to by his brod from Aegis Juris fraternity.

“Ang totoo po, your Honor, they told me to say it,” he told Sen. Grace Poe after the latter asked him why he initially told police he discovered Castillo’s body in Balut, Tondo.

While not identifying the member outright upon further prodding, Solano said he would do so in his affidavit which is still being prepared.

The medical technologist and law student on leave also again reiterated his innocence; saying he was not present during Castillo’s initiation rites but was only told to come after it was over.

Arriving at their “frat library”, Solano said he then administered first aid to an unconscious Castillo.

“On the first look, he looked unconscious. The first thing I checked po are the pupils and the pulse. When I checked the pulse, I didn’t hear anything so I administered CPR,” he said.

After an unsuccessful attempt, one of Solano’s brods then insisted he be the one to bring the body to the Chinese General Hospital.

“He told me to bring Atio to the emergency room. I asked them, why me? I don’t have any involvement on this one. He still insisted that I should,” he said. “So I did what I had to do, to bring the body to the emergency room.”