Solano says he was told by frat brod to lie to police, vows to shed light on “Atio” case

Image capture of video by Ina Reformina via Twitter
  • Johh Paul Solano admitted lying to the police about the hazing d***h of Horacio Castillo
  • He said a fraternity brother instructed him what to tell police
  • Solano said he is willing to be a witness if authorities find him qualified to be one

John Paul Solano, one of the primary suspects in the hazing d***h of University of Santo Tomas freshman law student Horacio “Atio” Castillo III, admitted during a Senate probe on the case that he lied to the police when he told them he found Castillo’s body dumped in Balut, Tondo.

According to Eagle News, Solano admitted before the Senate Committee on public order and dangerous drugs that one of his Aegis Juris fraternity brothers instructed him on what to tell police. Asked to identify his frat brod who gave him instructions, Solano said he would include the name of the person in his affidavit.

Solano maintained that he was not present during the initiation rites. He said he was at home when a fraternity member called him and asked him to go to the “fraternity library.”

Being a registered medical technologist who had to work in his father’s clinic every Saturday and Sunday, Solano initially declined to go. But after 30 to 40 minutes, the fraternity brother called again and insisted that he go to the frat library.

“They just told me that someone collapsed,” Solano said.

When he arrived at the fraternity library in Sampaloc, Manila, Solano said he saw someone (Castillo) lying on the floor.

“At first look, he looked unconscious lang. The first thing I checked were his pupils and pulse. When I checked his pulse, I didn’t hear any, so I administered CPR,” he said.

Solano said he is willing to be a witness if authorities would find him qualified to become one.

“Rest assured I will shed light on this matter,” Solano said.