Student accidentally scratches car; waits 1 hour for owner to apologize but gets rewarded with free college tuition

Image capture from Miaopai video

A person’s honesty is often rewarded, in one way or another. This college student got hers in a most touching way.

The lucky 18-year-old student, identified by World of Buzz as Zhang, is a freshman visual communications student at the Baoshan Academy School of Art and Design in Yunnan province in China.

She had just completed her registration at her school when she decided to go to a nearby bank to deposit her pocket money on her motorbike.

It was bad luck that she accidentally hit a parked black Lexus sedan while negotiating a curve. But instead of taking off, Zhang thought it better to wait for the owner and own up to her mistake, then apologize.

She waited for an hour beside the scratched car under the sweltering heat of the sun.

“Uncle, are you the owner of this car? I’m very sorry about it. I accidentally scratched your car with my motorcycle, and I’ve been waiting for you,” she told the owner.

Touched by the girl’s honesty, the owner decided not to pursue compensation.

“I was curious seeing a girl standing beside my car. She seemed to be in panic and scared when I first saw her. When I got to know that she waited under the hot sun for an hour, I was deeply touched. I told her that no compensation was needed,” he narrated.

She immediately broke down in tears and thanked the man profusely sparing her the burden of being charged for the repair.

The touching story of the honest student immediately reached the company the man works for. The director then offered to pay for the girl’s tuition over the next 4 years.

Additionally, she was also offered a position at the company once she completed her college.

“So, not only should we not ask her to pay, we should help her to complete her college education,” the director said.