This woman was able to memorize IKEA’s 328-page 2018 catalogue in just a week!

Image capture from News Flash video via You Tube

Yaanja Wintersoul, 23, doesn’t believe in the so-called ‘photographic memory’ but said it’s all about training your brain.

To prove her claim, she has recently been dubbed as IKEA’s human catalogue; this after memorizing the giant Swedish DIY and furniture shop’s new 328-page catalogue for 2018, with 4,818 items in all, in just a week.

Apparently, Wintersoul, who is also based in Sweden, is a former two-time World Memory Champion for setting the world record for the largest number of names and faces ever remembered by a person.

Wintersoul has proven in several interviews how she managed to accomplish such an incredible feat. She said she had been employing the “memory palace” or “memory journey technique” to memorize as many minute details as she could about a place or a thing.

“The memory palace really helps for speeches and presentations because you don’t have to know everything word for word,” she said.

In this method, one can make a journey through a familiar place such as a bedroom; during which there will be specific locations he or she will visit in the same order, making it easy to remember specific information.

Wintersoul added when you are trying to remember things, try to associate them with things you knew already and have some fun doing it.

“Say if you have a list of things that you want to learn in a certain order, you put them through a journey in your mind. If you have to remember three countries, let’s say China, U.S. and Brazil, then maybe on your bed you’re eating Chinese food, on your nightstand there’s a hamburger and then a window and you see a soccer ball. If you make it more of a fun story that’s relatable, then it’s easier to remember,” she explained.

As for the IKEA catalogue, she said the company sent her a copy and challenged her to memorize them for a week – and she did.

Watch the video below: