UK James Dyson Awardee! Innovative clothing that ‘grows with child’ helps parents cut costs

Image by Petit Pli

It could be safe to say that most of us have experienced or received hand-me-downs from our older siblings, some other relatives —  at least once in our lives. Why not? It’s economical and kind of cute to see your old shirt being worn by your little brother or sister.

But for those ‘only child’ or those who weren’t blessed with more than one sibling, a new invention could cut the cost over clothing.

For his range of clothing that is designed to stretch to comfortably fit children between the ages of six and 36 months, designer Ryan Yasin was awarded this year’s UK James Dyson Award.

The designer was frustrated by how quickly his baby nephew outgrew the outfits he gifted to him. And so by that reason, along with an awareness of the financial and environmental waste of the clothing industry, inspired Yasin to develop the flexible Petit Pli clothing range.

The innovative clothing range was developed to expand in both directions, allowing it to continuously fit children as they grow. A video shared by

The science behind is the “Negative Poisson’s ratio,” which allows materials to expand in two directions at the same time.

Yasin developed the clothing using pleating that can either fold together or expand, enabling it to move with the kid. Also, a heat treatment has been used to lock these properties in place, even through a wash cycle.

But that’s not all! The garments also feature a hydrophobic coating that makes them waterproof.

Petit Pli shared their joy on their Facebook page: “We won the UK James Dyson Award! It’s an honour for us to share the news that we have won the UK national round of the 2017 James Dyson Award.”

Congratulations, Petit Pli!