VACC sues Hontiveros for wiretapping, kidnapping

Image from Senator Risa Hontiveros' Facebook account
  • Former NegOr solon filed complaints for wiretapping, kidnapping vs. senator
  • He said Hontiveros liable for exposing DOJ chief’s text, keeping custody over child witnesses
  • Senator brushed aside the complaints, called it a diversionary tactic

MANILA, Philippines – The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) has filed its complaints for wiretapping and kidnapping against Sen. Risa Hontiveros before the Office of the Ombudssman on Monday.

Led by former Negros Oriental solon and VACC counsel Jacinto “Jing” Paras, VACC is accusing Hontiveros of violating RA 4200 (Anti-Wiretapping Law) and Article 270 of the Revised Penal Code (kidnapping by failure to return the minors to their parents).

According to Paras, Hontiveros willfully ordered a photographer to take a picture of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II’s text message — an act he argued constituted wiretapping.

“The full text exchanges which were illegally recorded by a device upon the orders of Hontiveros-Baraquel… These text exchanges which were illegally recorded through a device, in this case a camera, was transformed into a picture by the photographer who made the secret recording,” he said.

As for the kidnapping raps, Paras contended that the senator’s act of refusing to turn over the minors who allegedly witnessed the killing of Kian delos Santos to either their parents or the authorities made her liable.

“It is also very clear that she kept custody of these children from the period of Aug. 19, 2017 to Sept. 3, 2017 and turned over to the Senate custody only on Sept. 4, 2017 to testify in the Senate investigation, and then again took control and custody of the minors after said Senate hearing and placed them in the care of a certain Bishop Pablo David,” he said.

For her part, Hontiveros brushed the complaint aside as a diversionary tactic meant to divert the public’s attention from Aguirre’s conspiracy against her.

“They’re already caught but they’re still trying to make an excuse. They still want to hide behind a baseless case,” she said.