[Video] Cafe in QC requires customers to wear a costume first

Images via GMA News's YouTube video

A cafe in Quezon City, which serves colorful dishes, requires every customer to wear a costume first.

“Welcome to Rainbow Dreams Cafe, where all your dreams will be fulfilled,” said Michael Daez, as he features the unique cafe in his report.

The inspiration behind the Rainbow Dreams Cafe was a unicorn-themed cafe in Bangkok.

“They happened to visit this unicorn-themed cafe in Bangkok and they decided, ‘Why not bring it here in Manila?'” shared Dahrren Dominguez, who is the marketing manager of the cafe.

Daez said despite being colorful the dishes are very delicious.

“In fairness, ang honey garlic chicken wings nila, lasang honey garlic. Ang carbonara na may ube and strawberry-looking noodles, lasang carbonara naman,” he noted.


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