[VIDEO] Hilarious! Kisses Delavin pulls a prank on Maymay Entrata

Image capture of video by ABS-CBN Entertainment via Youtube

In an episode of Gandang Gabi Vice aired on Sunday, the host conspired with Kisses Delavin to pull a prank on Maymay Entrata.

As many of us already know, from the time the two entered the Big Brother House, they have developed a super tight friendship which they treasured even after the reality show. Being bestfriends, Vice wondered how far Maymay would go for the sake of Kisses.

The prank was done hours before their actual GGV guesting together with onscreen partners Edward and Marco.

Maymay and Kisses were inside the dressing room and while the GGV crew were giving them instructions about what they should do during the interview with Vice, Kisses pretended she was having an asthma attack.

Kisses asked the pretentious crew to call the attention of her dad and continuously screamed “Hindi ako makahinga!” [I can’t breathe!] all throughout the prank; making Maymay panic. Kisses requested Maymay to do various stuff like massaging her, whistling, and going through her things to look for the inhaler.

Clueless and super scared Maymay got rattled and did not know what to do. When she tries to leave the room, Kisses would always stop her; saying “Huwag kang aalis!” [Don’t leave!] She even tried to carry Kisses on her back out of panic.

Finally, Kisses pretended to become unconscious and made Maymay cry and run for help. Kisses ran after her and revealed that it was nothing but a PRANK Vice Ganda asked her to pull on!

Vice was laughing continuously while watching the prank but later admitted she was moved by what Maymay did and commended and applauded Maymay for proving her genuine love for bestfriend Kisses.

The host and the fans also gave Kisses a “thumbs up” for bagging the “best actress” award for a prank performance.

Watch the video footage here as shared by ABS-CBN Entertainment on Youtube:

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