[VIDEO] Leather jacket with airbag could save riders’ lives

Image by David Wolfe's Facebook Post, Amazon

Leather jackets: for action stars and stuntmen. Air bags: for cars. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be an action star and have a car to have this leather jacket with an airbag!

On a Facebook post by  entrepreneur, author, and product spokesman David “Avocado” Wolfe, he shared a video about the “Helite”; the leather jacket that doubles as an airbag.

To simplify it, these are actually airbags you can wear as trendy jackets.

According to the video, the jackets are filled with air pockets all connected to a tiny CO2 cartridge. And when the lanyard connected from jacket to your bike is pulled, the airbag will inflate in less than a second.

The Helite prevents the spine, head, neck, from twisting and breaking; saving a rider from at least 75% of the injuries incurred in motorcycle accidents.

Just imagine how many lives can be saved if every rider owns this breakthrough. Even with helmet, fatal injuries and lifetime immobilization/paralysis can still occur.

The video ended with the rider being hugged by his child, a reminder of how much you should value your life. If you happen to have some spare dollars, the item can be purchased online, and through Amazon at this photo link:

Image by Amazon

Watch the video shared on Facebook by David Wolfe: