[VIDEO] Snake lurking in toilet says hi with matching tongue-flicker

Image capture of video by Lim Sze Hui's Facebook post

While you’re doing the ‘thing’ sitting on the toilet, have you ever imagined the worst case scenarios that could possibly happen?

Some may have forgotten to lock the door and a housemate barges in, or a spider attack, —  or a bigger, slimy creature coming straight at your bottom to slither and say hi?

In a Facebook post by Lim Sze Hui on September 20, a video shows a snake poking its head out in the toilet bowl and flicking its tongue in and out.

She wrote on her post: “Danger noodle invades my dad’s office toilet. Watch out for snakes if you’re in the Upper Thomson area. He asked me to post the video on fb so here.” 

When one netizen asked “How did it get there? Through the sewerage?” Lim replied, “most likely.”

Lim added that it was the second visit in a week.

Image by Lim Sze Hui’s Facebook post


When a snake flicks its tongue, it collects odors that are present in miniscule moisture particles floating through the air. The snake darts the tongue into its Jacobson’s organ, which is located inside the roof of the snake’s mouth.