Want to visit Taiwan? You may do so soon — it’s visa-free!

Image by Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Taiwan has announced that it has opened its doors to Filipinos without the need of a visa.

Taiwan will soon allow visa-free entry for Filipinos in hopes that it can develop ties with the Philippines. The spokesman of Taiwan’s executive cabinet, Hsu Kong-yung, was quoted by GMA saying, “After we open up the visa-free arrangements, in view of equal mutual benefits, we also hope they will make visa-free arrangements with Taiwan.”

This is good news to Filipinos planning to visit Taiwan since instead of paying for visa fees, they only need to fill up an electronic application form. Taiwan have previously announced the visa-free entry policy and it was supposed to begin last June but was postponed. The visa-free entry is again expected to begin by October or November upon the announcement of their Foreign Ministry.

Taiwan has already allowed visa-free entry to Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore. They are still working on a pilot program with Brunei and Thailand that started last year. These policies are in line with Taiwan’s vision to boost their international relations especially the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN).