Why the SEA Games athlete Evang Coveta’s silver medal is more rewarding than gold

Image by Geylord Coveta via Facebook account

Geylord “Evang” Coveta won silver in the 2017 SEA Games’ men’s windsurfing event. But what people didn’t know was that he was so close to bagging that gold but an act of integrity swayed everything for him.

Fellow athlete, Chrys Fernandez, decided to share with InterAksyon the full untold story of Evang’s feat in Malaysia.

Evang is a defending world champion and was the country’s flag-bearer in the 2014 Asian Games. Much was expected from him and he didn’t disappoint as he was confidently leading in the men’s windsurfing event.

Until Race 7 came, Evang turned the wrong way on a buoy. No, he didn’t intentionally try to sail a shorter course than his rivals as it was just the wrong way around the buoy but it happened. It was against the rules and it would definitely earn him an infraction that would lessen his chances of winning. He ended up finishing first again on that race.

With just one race left, the much coveted gold was already so close at hand. The problem was that not a single team complained or objected about that wrong turn. And if you know Evang personally, as Chrys shared, you wouldn’t be surprised that he walked up to the judges and admitted his mistake even if meant losing the gold.

He ended up placing silver but as Chrys quoted, “he’s got a gold medal heart.” It was a true test of character not everyone would have passed.

Sail on! Congratulations, Evang!