Woman wears mask for 10 years even while eating and sleeping because of Schizophrenia

Image capture of video via My China News

Since prehistoric times, masks have been made to serve a variety of purposes or functions. But a certain woman in China has her own unbelievable reason!

The 56-year-old woman who’s more known as the ‘masked woman’ in her village was called as such for a bizarre reason — she has never taken off her mask for 10 years; thereby concealing her face from people, including her husband and children.

The woman recognized as Madam Wang works as a farmer in a village in Hubei, China. Even on hot days working in the field, her head is entirely covered by a full mask.

She wears a pale blue headdress which seemed to have been embroidered by hands, with holes cut out for the eyes, nose and mouth.

The woman admitted she feels dizzy without her mask on and doesn’t want her head to be exposed to wind, according to Chinese media reports as disclosed in an Asiaone story.

Her husband, Xiang Hongfa, revealed that his wife is suffering from a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand, known as schizophrenia, with symptoms appearing in 2007.

He also added that during the day, Wang does household chores and farming activities with her mask on; even so while eating. She barely gets enough sleep at night, so she would just go outside and roam around the house.

Xiao had tried to burn his wife’s mask, but to no avail as she just sews another piece.

Despite her unusual habit, Xiao described his wife as hardworking, gentle and soft-spoken.

“She’s also particular about cleanliness and would wash her hair and change her mask once every two days,” he claimed.

The couple has two sons, who have already moved out of the village to work.

Xiao, also 56, mentioned that he borrowed more than 20,000 yuan (S$4,110) in September to buy her 300 chickens; hoping to earn a living by selling the livestock. However, there were only few customers, and their farm was far from residences.

He also hopes to earn enough money to have his wife’s illness treated so she’d no longer need to wear the mask. According to him, he and his children have already taken Wang to four different hospitals; however, none of the doctors was able to treat her.